Ipswich Proposal

Creating a New Vision for Ipswich

Ipswich Proposal was a blog originally set up four years ago to document why the Upper Orwell Crossings was a flawed proposal for the town. This turned into a blog documenting large scale collapsed developments of the town, now the archive section, but after a long hiatus, and with current events, there is now an opportunity to fulfil the original idea of the blog. To create a new vision for Ipswich. The town has struggled since 2008, and with many places of a similar size now booming, Ipswich should have an aspirational vision it can aim for. The Ipswich Proposal website will be an on going personal side project and proposals will range from extremely ambitious, to simple, but all with the aim of inspiring people into realising that Ipswich is, and can be an amazing place to live.

All (proposal) visuals are created by me, some of which are located in the architectural visualisation tab of this website.

Explore the website: https://ipswichproposal.co.uk/

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